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BMW X5 F15 Recovery Guide / Information Owners Manual PDF

BMW X5 F15 Recovery Guide / Information Owners Manual PDF.
Battery replacement
1. Remove the integrated key from the remote control.
2. Push in catch with the key, arrow 1.
3. Remove the cover for the battery compartment, arrow 2.
4. Insert a new battery of the same type with the positive side facing upwards.
5. Press the cover back into position.
Dispose of the old battery at an authorised collecting point or hand it in to a Service centre In the event of the key for keyless start is not detected place the key at the side of the steering wheel column as shown, the footbrake must be depressed and done within 10 seconds
If the vehicles battery is discharged and remote is unable to open the doors there is a key barrel access point in the driver’s door, the cover can be removed using the key blade of the remote key.

BMW X5 F15
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Electric Park Brake Emergency release
If there has been an electrical fault with the electric park brake (EPB) there is an override procedure
1. Ensure the wheels are choked
2. Pull the cord located in the left hand of the boot trim, removal of the warning triangle and first aid kit is required
3. Insert the screw driver in the tool kit and pull upwards until a loud audible noise is heard to indicate the EPB has been released
4. This will need to repaired at a BMW approved workshop To be repaired.

Relearning of EPB if battery has been flat
If the battery has been flat the EPB will need to be relearnt, this can be done by the engine running with the vehicle in Park and the footbrake depressed, press the EPB button down for a few seconds and then up again for a few seconds, this should relearn the EPB operation. BMW X5 F15 Recovery Guide / Information Owners Manual PDF.