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2013 Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual Guide Pdf

2013 Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual Guide Pdf - No need to discuss at length the word compact vehicle toyota one, which clearly says "mantab pwol" definitely come out of the mouth of everyone who saw this vehicle in person. But it was not satisfied if the long word to describe the beauty of this car. directly only if we focus on the exterior, you will be amazed by the design and taper head lamp grille design seen together in harmony before the macho and sporty, then fog lamp design also looks stylish and compact with a front bumper shape. if you look at the side of the vehicle the aerodynamic body design that you can find on this car if you look at the fact that this vehicle is a type of car explorers.
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New 2013 RAV4 vehicles in category Crossover SUV manufacturer Toyota is already there that started strolling the streets of Indonesia, the news circulated of some leading automotive websites state that the vehicle will be marketed in Indonesia in 2013, but some time ago we saw this car passing in the street in the cold city, mlg.

Initially we saw a glimpse of the car's rear lights and think that it is a Pajero, but after seeing the brand that was next to the back of its body, as well as typical toyota logo with two dots to form the letter T, we believe that it is the fourth-generation Toyota RAV4 which in 2012 This newly introduced at the LA auto show, America. or maybe it is just hallucination: D, which is clearly an SUV likely will be present in Indonesia in 2013 and possibly in the form of CBU.

In terms of interior design, high level of comfort obtained from the design of the seat is made from top quality leather. then on the side of the dashboard also appeared several metal and leather accents that show futuristic and luxurious impression is supported by the placement of the control buttons are easy to reach while driving. the addition of 6.1-inch touch screen and a 11-speaker JBL audio system also adds to the comfort interionya.

To entrust the driving toyota V6 four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2,500 cc that capable of producing maximum power up to 176 hp and maximum torque reaches 172 lb-ft with the six-speed transmission and optional 4wd drive system if used for rugged terrain.

For safety device, the car is equipped with traction control, ABS with EBD braking system, vehicle stability control, and the Air Bag System is a device to avoid penturan during a frontal collision.

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