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2014 Toyota 4Runner Owners Guide Manual Pdf

2014 Toyota 4Runner Owners Guide Manual Pdf - Rugged 4Runner SUV looks not some conjured images. It's the opposite: long ago it spun off of hardware-based truck and wagon body is given, with some concessions made with style. That held true for decades now, wqzxc and while we might like ground-up fresh start every generation or so, 4Runner at least stay true to its mission. High beltline, chunky proportions, and the downward slope of the rear pillar is a direct callback to the ur-4Runner.
2014 Toyota 4Runner Owners Guide Manual Pdf
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Inside, the works of the same basic approach, and work well: the buttons and controls are large and laid out neatly, and the controls and gauges are wqzxc framed with simple ingredients and a dash of metallic trim simplest. For 2014, the 4Runner adds more soft-touch trim on the base SR5 and Trail models, and SR5 gets a sharp, bright Optitron gauges Toyota.

V-6 SR5 models are offered with either rear-wheel drive or part-time system of four-wheel-drive, while the Trail models are only offered with 4WD system, wqzxc the control overhead. Limited models get a full-time four-wheel-drive system separate more street oriented. The Limited gets standard 20-inch wheels and tires, while the other models come equipped with 17-inchers.

In Trail class (model off-road), 4Runner includes a number of electronics and systems intended to complement the hardware sturdy off-road. wqzxc The basic model can be a little pitchy on rough pavement, but the Limited models get again another setting: the so-called X-REAS system with electronically adjusting dampers, geared for flatter cornering and pavement surface. Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) which is optional in the Trail model uses hydraulics to reduce movement on the road or improve off-road traction and ride comfort, with more wheel travel in that situation.

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