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2013 Acura MDX Navigation System Manual PDF

2013 Acura MDX Navigation System Manual PDF. The navigation system applies location, direction, and speed information to the maps and calculates a route to the destination you enter. As you drive to that destination, the system provides map and voice guidance. The navigation system is easy to use. The locations of many places of business and entertainment are already entered in the system. You can select any of them as a des tination by using the Interface Dial or voice control. There are several ways to enter a destination, such as by point of interest (POI), by address, by phone number, and by selecting it from the map. The last 50 destinations are saved for reuse at a later date. The system also allows you to store a home address to simplify returning home from your destination.

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Accessories Precautions
If you have front or side window tinting installed, be aware that if the tint has metallic properties, it can seriously degrade or prevent GPS reception. This is because the GPS antenna is located
behind the navigation display in the center of the dashboard. If you plan to install electronic components such as radar detectors, vehicle tracking devices, remote starters, additional amplifiers, or other audio components, ensure that they are not located near the navigation display in the center of the dashboard, or near the GPS antenna behind the navigation display. Signal noise emanating from these devices can cause intermittent disruption of the navigation system.

Important Safety Information
The navigation system can distract your attention from the road if you focus on the screen or operate the system’s controls while driving. Enter as much info rmation as possible into the system before you begin driving, or when the vehicle is stopped. Then, as you drive, listen to the audio instructions and use voice commands when possible. Download 2013 Acura MDX Navigation System Manual PDF